Friday, 27 January 2012

TFMFS Show 78

Topflight FMS
is an internet radio show hosted by, exiled Scouser, Andy Ellis (renowned doorman from back in the day…The Barry’s, The Country club on Cantril Farm etc) and his good friend Erik Lefler.

The show goes out sporadically, when work commitments allow, and has a loyal following in the States and the UK.

My initial interest stemmed because Andy was an old mate, right back to our school days in St. Nicholas RC (on Brownlow hill Liverpool) in the 70’s, however I can honestly say that I am hooked now, regardless of old friendship connections.
On the musical side, it can go all over the place,.... Dance, Northern Soul, Punk, Ska and Reggae (So its right up my street ….although Rod Stewart pops up far too often for my liking)?
Occasionally they will do “specials” and 2011 saw them do Ska specials, Ska-thern soul specials and two Liverpool Band specials. But to be honest most of the time the best part of the show is the banter between the two hosts, most of the time led by Andy’s reminiscing of Liverpool.. and some of the time its out and out alcohol fuelled.

The End fully recommends that its readers check out their web page and shows here;-
when you're on the page, you can choose what show you want to listen to by going to the little black box on the right hand side and clicking the show link, or scrolling down the page and clicking on the show that takes yer fancy.
You can hear shows where Andy is talking about things like; The End, old bars and clubs in Liverpool (the Scarletts bar, Houlhans, Eric’s the Swinging Apple…and Andy’s favourite Michelle Claires), Liverpool and Everton, School (st. Nic’s) old Friends, Ins & Outs, etc and they never tire about talking of their love for Paul McCartney and Bono.
Check the shows out- there’s something there for everyone.

You can also friend them up on facebook here!/TopFlightMFS

The video with this post is the preamble for Topflight show 78 (Barbers I have known) and features Andy reminiscing about Wedge haircuts/ Chelsea 7’s and Liverpool barbers; Bert Jacksons, Kensington and Dave’s (opposite the Royal Hospital) and Georges (west derby)


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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Old Mother End

Still going strong, this is my lovely mum, who put up with sackfuls of letters, unannounced visits and sleepovers from End correspondents, fanzine writers and mad hooligans visiting her house for nearly a decade (the headquaters of The End, 16 Steerscroft, cantril farm Liverpool.) My fave end photo so far.

Old Mother End.


The End Book is still available, but there aren’t many left now.
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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sign The Kevin Williams petition

"Give Kevin Williams his inquest under section 13 of the coroners Act, we have all the evidence under this section but keep getting refused.
Responsible department: Attorney General's Office
Kevin Williams died in the Hillsborough disaster in1989, Kevin's Inquests were riddled with coruption, suppressing of vital evidence and perverting the course of JUSTICE, Kevin did not die from Traumatic Asphixia or in an accident I will not pick up his death certificate until we get the course of death put right and the accidental death verdict struck down. Kevin does not relate to the 3.15pm cut off point.I want a new inquest were all the witnesses will be called to give evidence so the jury will know exactly what happened to Kevin at Hillsborough. I have all the evidence under section 13 of the coroners act and have been refused 3 times by the attorney generals office, I want the Attorney General to look at the evidence again and send Kevin's case back to the divisional court recomending a new inquest into the death of my son".
Anne Williams

Sign this petition here;-

Friday, 6 January 2012

Oldham Liverpool...from an Oldham fans perspective

My long term friend (life long Oldham fan) Che Burley relects on what tonights F.A. Cup game means to him in an article in Sabotage here via this link to Sabotage times

Che is pictured here with his daughter Maya, whom he refers to in the afore mentioned article.

Well done with the piece, Che.