Friday 8 March 2024

(NEW) In's and Outs


In keeping with ye olde End Fanzine traditions..its been a long fucking time since we saw some new In’s & Out’s.

In our defence there have been deaths, health scares, medical procedures, and haircuts occupying minds and time. Stop yer fucking wingeing and enjoy this new Batch (which includes a few contributions from long term friend and End fan, Paul Dooley).

See you in Ye Cracke.





·         Salt n Pepper undies.

·         Growling when there’s  a knock at the door.

·         Remembering Joe Bugner.

·         Brushing your teeth with Lard.

·         Young Fathers (band).

·         Giving your first born up for a bag of crispy batter from the chippy.

·         When your top 5 go-to’s in the wank bank are now in their 70’s

·         Illegal pomegranates

·         Jeremy’s Foreskin (Ohhhhhh, Jeremy’s Foreskin!)

·         Sweat rashes on your sausages.

·         Cheese flavoured belts.

·         Darren Gee calling out Paddy the Baddy.

·         Wah Wah.

·         Staring at your boss for 3 hours, without speaking or blinking

·         Sarnies.

·         Bringing yer feller to every girls night out

·         Coughing up an anal plug.

·         Corduroy glasses (the drinking vessel variety AND the visual aid variety)

·         Taking offence to Ins & Outs (yep, we ARE writing these about you, yer fucking beaut).

·         Sleeping on your mantlepiece.

·         Drinking on your own, topless, in The Ship and Mitre.

·         Being round and proud.

·         Bacon flavoured false lashes

·         Getting mugged in Barcelona

·         Greaseproof paper knickers.

·         Saving a chin, in case you lose the first one.

·         Constipation theorists.

·         Trying to outgig your mate.

·         Big fuck-off jowells.

·         Biting the wart.

·         Putting a pickle in your daughters purse.

·         Pube sideboards.

·         Unexplained curtsying when your uncle comes round.

·         Protecting your rib cage with flabage.

·         Papa Diaz

·         Mama Diaz

·         Confusing Stan Boardman with Baroness Kate Hoey

·         George Galloways wife

·         George Galloways hat

·         The pie oven on the bar of The Roscoe

·         The Somerset Gimp

·         Buying England Lioness’s soiled kits on e-bay

·         Postmen wearing shorts on the coldest day of the year

·         Sven Goran Eriksson

·         Construction workers brawling at Bramley Moore Dock site

·         Getting your bus pass

·         Singing out loud the vowels in Celine Dion’s name

·         Politely blowing raspberries at the Man City team coach when it arrives at your ground

·         Still having your Erics membership card

·         Being a vegan between meals

·         Asking ‘who’s he’ when someone mentions Taylor Swift

·         Not owning a quad bike

·         Claiming to only use Viagra when having three in the bed romps

·         Saying “I’ve had him!”

·         Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies.

·         Whistling silently.

·         Whispering loudly.

·         Having an unconscious conscious

·         Queen Victoria’s Knob.

·         Naming your first born, New Paragraph Please.





·         Geordie stag nights in Liverpool

·         Talking about Saltburn

·         Arsenal fans

·         Tiktok lingerie

·         Asking yer nan to drive you to Birkenhead for some Lemo.

·         “cool” colleagues.

·         Grilling yer dad’s vest.

·         Delivering a lecture so drunk, you start crying.

·         Hanging out with the bad boys to try to attain coolness.

·         People who don’t get that the Earth is actually square.

·         Name dropping Leccy Legs

·         Posting stuff about well-being, but being a 2 faced, snidey, gobshite in reality.

·         Welsh motorbikes

·         Bringing yer bird to every Lads night out.

·         Answering EVERY question with a humorous reply.

·         Sharing your teeth.

·         Leaving a bowl of boiled eyebrow hair under yer ma’s bed.

·         Half and half ties

·         Crosby.

·         Vegan Cows

·         Home baked head phones

·         Ordering a skinny latte from your chippy

·         The new mullet.

·         Using a scotch egg as a shinpad.

·         Sertraline soup.

·         Setting up a leggings factory in your attic.

·         Unzipping carrots.

·         Mad ginger bastards.

·         Titty lip.

·         Using patè to freshen your breath.

·         Referring to footballers with double barrel names, by their initials only

·         DCL

·         Confusing Baroness Kate Hoey with Stan Boardman

·         Going abroad on snowboarding holidays to get cold

·         Taking selfies with the pie oven in the Roscoe

·         London Road

·         Secretly warming to Gary Neville as a TV pundit

·         Starting sentences with the words ‘I’m no expert but’ and then talking crap

·         Turkish barber shops

·         Bumping into Stan Collymore at dogging events

·         Letting slip you drive an electric car

·         Subscribing to Katie Price’s ‘Only Fans’ site

·         Going paperless

·         Rebecca Vardy

·         Madonna’s daughters arm pits

·         Having a drone

·         Wearing no top in a beer garden whilst drinking pints of stella

·         Referring to your bird as ‘er indoors’

·         Richard Keyes

·         Joining the neighbourhood WhatsApp group

·         Displaying angst on social media about the conflicts in Syria / Ukraine

·         Lycra barmcakes

·         Match snobs

·         Skinny caramel legs

·         Postcode baseball caps

·         Applying logic.

·         Hairy cheese.

·         Entering the death Era.

·         Missing your appointment at the chippy.

·         West Derby’s trendy new pubs.

·         Daryl Hannah’s ever elongating ball sack.


Band Review 

Take a pinch of the La’s, a sprinkle of The View, a dash of The Coral and mix  that concoction with a dab of The Lathams and you might just get a glimpse of what excellent new Liverpool band, Keyside bring to the table.

There’s already a load of people onboard the ride as their sold out show at The Arts Club/Loft on March 23rd attests to.

The band consists of  Dan Parker (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ben Cassidy (lead guitar), Oisin McAvoy (drums) and Max Gibson (bass, vocals).

They’re signed to  Modern Sky UK and already have a couple of classic songs under their belt

Visit to see/hear Paris to Marseille.


And for Turn Back the time.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that these boys are destined for big things so get onto them now and try and see them while you can.

Their next (available) gig is Thursday April 4th at The Basement in Manchester

You can also hear them on soundcloud here


Wednesday 21 February 2024

Element. single review


Band review, Element.


It’s been a while, but I’m happy to be posting something about a brand new Liverpool band.

The band in question are called Element.


They’re from Kirkby and the line up consists of 4 young lads , Jack Sim – Lead Vocals, Dylan Dwyer – Lead Guitar (and main songwriter), Harry Riley – Drums , Ben Wilkinson – Bass and Harry Forrester – Rhythm Guitar


They currently have a brilliant new song available on SoundCloud. It’s called “River in the Sky” And like the last new band we reviewed, a couple of years ago now, (the excellent Cheap Thrills) Element’s music belies their age, and the song drives along with a wonderful melodic pace, accompanied by a great vocal performance from Jack.

You can see that these lads have tons of potential!  Have a listen and make yer own mind up.


The song is available on soundcloud here River In The Sky by Element(


Give it a listen, give it a like,

them on Instagram here


#supportlocalbands #LiverpoolBands

Wednesday 19 October 2022

An Exhibition celebrating the birth of The End fanzine during (one of) the city of Liverpool's most troubles era's

Professor John Grant, from Hope University, has written an academic paper discussing the rise of The End after the 1981 riots at a time when Th*tcher (spit!) was plotting the downfall of the city.

A culmination of his paper is an exhibition about The End which will be on display in Liverpool's Everyman Theatre for the last 2 weeks in October 2022.

 Link to exhibition details

The End Exhibition. The Everyman Theatre. October 2023

 Exhibition featuring The End  

Tuesday 5 April 2022

The End Fanzine featued in BIG ISSUE

Big Issue 1425

There's an article about The END in this weeks Big Issue. You can buy a digital version via the link above.

Its for a great cause, so buy it yer mingebags!

Monday 9 August 2021

John Mcglone.All the saints cant save us now.

 John McGlone - All the Saints can’t Save us Now.


A new solo release from the legendary frontman of Western Promise, John McGlone sees him continue to move towards a beautiful new soulful sound.


“All the saints can’t save us now” sees John flexing his vastly underrated vocal talents on a beautifully mellow track that evokes memories (to this humble narrator) of the Style Councils Long Hot summer era.


There are still echoes of the angst and anger that we have seen throughout his career as a songwriter (“So what happened to the loving.. and understanding we used to know.. and what happened to forgiveness.. lord where did it go. Because All I see is lies greed and cruelty, Hatred and bigotry right now.. we go to, Got to, Stand up for Equality, Shake the chains of slavery, Be the change you want to see somehow”)    but now we are seeing John move his talents to a newer more mature and accomplished sounding, soulful platform, and its every bit as effective and moving.


John is one of the regions most underrated singer / songwriter talents and has been consistently delivering amazing music over the last few decades and this solo effort is right up there with his best work.


Get this blasting on the drive to the beach, while the sun is raging.


Western Promise have taken a sabbatical, Long may McGlone reign in their absence!

*Release date August 27th . A Download will be available on itunes.

Buy it yer mingebags!