Thursday, 12 December 2013

Joe Symes and the Loving kind

Another Liverpool Musician / Band that have so far gone unmentioned on The End’s hallowed pages are Joe Symes and The Loving Kind.
They have an album out called, Joe Symes and the Loving Kind which you can buy from their website or download via I-tunes.
They are unashamedly proud of their 60’s tinged retro roots and have already caught the attention of Noel Gallagher (and were invited to play at one of Noel’s infamous after show parties) and have been invited to support ex Ocean Colour Scene front man Steve Craddock on his upcoming tour. However more importantly they are supporting the Blockheads at Eric’s (Liverpool) this Friday, 14th December and they will be on the Billy Butler show (Radio Merseyside) the same day at 2.30pm  AND they will be playing the Bandstand in Queens Square (Liverpool) on Friday December 20th.

Here’s a song to whet your appetite, "Where do I belong"

You can her more songs on their web site and listen to an album taster and read album reviews interviews and more.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

peter coyle hijacked - christmas in liverpool

Have a listen (and a watch) to this excellent song from ex “Lotus Eaters” founder Peter Coyle.

The song is called “Christmas in Liverpool” by “Peter Coyle Hijacked”.

I was quite a fan of the Lotus Eaters (The Fist Picture of you) and he has had two solo albums released in the past including the brilliantly titled “I'd Sacrifice Eight Orgasms with Shirley MacLaine Just to Be There”.

This is going up on our page as our song for Christmas (unless you demand another Liverpool flavoured Christmas song).

Find out what Peter has been up to over the last few years here

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Thomas McConnell "Penny (won't help me now) - Free download single - 16th December

The multi talented Thomas McConnell releases his excellent first single,  "Penny (Won't Help Me Now)". It will be released as a FREE download from Monday, December 16th at - have a listen to the song now via Thomas's video here. Its a great song and its a free download, so it would be foolish not to..