Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Toast Of Merseyside - - - .wmv

The Toast Of Merseyside - - - .wmv

To commemorate the upcoming all Merseyside FA CUP semi-final at Wembley The End,whose staff was both red and blue..(Including Potter brothers, one red and one blue, ) I was reminded me of this double A sided single that me mate Arthur found in his attic way back. Its from 1966 when Liverpool won the league and Everton the FA cup…The Labels are red one side and blue the other but both songs are neutral, celebrating both our illustrious clubs…they’re extremely cheesey,….but we played this constantly when the clubs met at Wembley in the 80’s and they contributed to great drunken nights with red and blue brethren together.- click the link (the toast of mersey side) to hear the song

You can still buy The END BOOK and see more stuff like this, as well as the lns & Outs, mad letters, good poems, shite poems ..and fuckin millions of spelling mistakes and bad grammar, as the book reviewers (poncy southern, ex student types) keep pointing out.

There’s a limited amount of signed copies in Waterstones on Bold Street and in the Liverpool 1 Waterstones store... and of course you can still get it on line here.

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