Friday, 1 June 2012

Paul Du Noyer remembers The End fanzine

Paul Du Noyer lends his support to our humble little fanzine;-

"One of The End’s two founding editors was Peter Hooton, who later found fame as singer in 1990s hit-makers The Farm (Groovy Train, All Together Now). With his friend Phil Jones, he set about devising a mouthpiece for the youths he knew. In The End’s native Liverpool such youths were known as scallies, a regional precursor of the 1980s “casual” cult. Scallies wore expensive leisure wear “liberated” on trips to continental cup games. They were a tribe unknown to music papers more attuned to goths and new romantics. " the full article here.

There are still a few copies available here;-

and in Waterstones, Liverpool

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