Wednesday, 4 July 2012

John Potters favourite END Fanzine moment

In 1985 chief End cartoonist and contributor John Potter split his time between surrounding himself with lots of semi naked beautiful girls on beaches (pic) and like myself, getting bladdered quite alot.

In Part 4 of The End Contibutors favourite END Fanzine memories (check out older posts to read Mick Potter's, Peter Hootons and Kevin Sampsons) John, succinctly, and hilariously recalls his;-

"This episode occurred under the influence -circa 85.
Me and our Mick were on the ale in London, meeting the Farm chaps in some trendy Covent Garden watering hole.
I was strangely, very much the worse for wear by the time they turned up.
At some stage, I nodded off-only to wake to our Mick shouting 'John -wake up -someone here wants to meet you'
I lifted my head and just as Mick is telling this fella - 'Yeah,he done the cartoons in The End...'
I threw up all over the fella -After I was escorted from the premises, I asked Mick 'Who was that fella I threw up over?'
'GARY BUSHELL'! came the reply.............. Please God let it be true”!

John Potter July 2012

I’ll be looking to upload further End Memories from other End Fanzine contributors, such as Paul Need, Tony McClelland and myself in the coming weeks. If any original End readers have a tale to tell, inbox me on facebook, message me on twitter or leave a contact email on the comments.
You can still buy The END BOOK and see loads of John Potters artwork, as well as the lns & Outs, mad letters, good poems, shite poems ..and fuckin millions of spelling mistakes and bad grammar, as the book reviewers (poncy southern, ex student types) keep pointing out.
There’s a limited amount of signed copies in Waterstones on Bold Street and in the Liverpool 1 Waterstones store... and of course you can still get it on line here.

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