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Svengali coming to Merseyside on 23rd March. Jonny Owens sends an exclusive message to The End


Anyone who know me will know that before I was lured into the world of the End (or the End of the world) that  my roots where in Mod and skinhead culture, Fred Perry’s , Levi’s and Air wear or smart suits and Loafers with a musical background of Ska, Soul, Northern Soul, reggae and the original Britpop of the Beatles and The Who and latterly The jam and Punk.
So I’ve now heard about this film Svengali and its being described as a sort of Trainspotting for Mods so I just need to go and see it as soon as possible!
we are the (scouse) mods! at the back are, (centre)  the rt honourable Steven Rotheram (MP for Walton), To his left is Gary Allt (brother of Nicky) and to his right, yours truly, in Erics Dressing Room around 1979

To add to my desperate need to see it, it transpired that the film is written and and starring an  old friend  of The End , Jonathon Owens who (among other things) can be seen in the Casuals documentary giving credit to scousers for starting the terrace culture groove thang. Then, for the old skinhead in me,  the film also stars the beautiful and amazing actress Vicky McClure who, again among other, excellent, things ) may be best known for her role as LOL in the This is England films…oh and one of my favourite comic actors, Matt Berry also appears!

The Film is getting its Merseyside outing Next week and will be being shown in New Brighton’s “The Light” cinema for a week, starting Sunday 23rd March.

The open night will also be attended by Jonathon and other cast members (hopefully Vicky! *sigh*)  and following the film the stars will be joined on stage for a question and answer session hosted by The End’s ex writer and author of many excellent books (including, Awayday’s, Stars are stars, Powder and The Killing Pool), Kevin Sampson. There may also be a sneaky after show party featuring the music from the film.

Kevin Sampson will be hosting the Q & A 

The official blurb;Director: John Hardwick - Cast: Jonathon Owens, Vicky McClure, Michael Socha, Martin Freeman.The film tells the story of Dixie, a postman from South Wales, and a music fanatic. All his life he's dreamed of discovering a great band and then one day, trawling through YouTube, he finds them... ‘The Premature Congratulations'. He hunts them down and offers them his management services. They are young, arrogant, sexy and utterly magnificent. Putting their demo on a cassette tape, Dixie heads out onto the streets of London... Innocent, wide-eyed Dixie embarks on a roller coaster ride through the most ‘infamous' industry of them all. His partner and his sanity through it all is his soulmate Michelle. Every day is a battle for Dixie, totally broke and working for nothing to get his beloved band gigs, their egos grow with their stardom. The more successful ‘The Prems' get, the greater the chances are of Dixie losing them. He has to decide what are his real priorities in life...his love of music or his love for Michelle

Light Cinema, Kings Parade, Marine Point, New Brighton.‎14:30‎pm & 19:30pm (week starting 23rd March 2014)‎

Jonathon sent an exclusive message to The End;

'I loved The End magazine. It was the Daddy of the them all. I used to help with the Merthyr Fanzine 'Dial M for Merthyr' which was created out of our love for The End. People say that the film 'Svengali' had the spirit of DIY Punk. Of working class lads getting out there and doing it. I'd like to think in some small way I'm following in the tradition of the End and what it meant to us all. They made us believe. There's no greater thing you can do God bless them for that'. Jonny Owen 2014. X

He has specifically asked us to help get the message out about Sundays Merseyside premiering of the film and is genuinely excited to be coming here!

The End fanzine would love to see you all there, including all the Liverpool scooter boys and Cloud 9 from over the water, for a brilliant night. (loads of photo’s please!)

See you there.

Svengali is released in cinemas today and is also available to download and rent online.
Svengali is out on DVD from 7 April

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