Friday, 16 May 2014

The Truth

The Truth

Due to enormous demand, The Arts centre are putting on another 2 day run of this moving and poignant play at The City of Liverpool  College Arts Centre on Tuesday 8th and Wed 9th July starting at 7pm.

Attendance is quite limited so you will have to book tickets in advance. 

To book tickets or just make enquirers call Eddie Chinn on  0151 252 4344 or the drama dept 0151 252 4312.

Be prepared for a very emotional few hours. This is a must see play.


The Truth
The Arts Centre, Myrtle Street (14th & 15th May)
Directed by Eddie Chinn

Last night I was privileged to be able to attend my first grown up play.

The fact it was about Hillsborough (and that my daughter was part of the production team) meant that I was prepared (well, as prepared as I could be) for an emotional evening.

The play was directed by Eddie Chinn and was performed a cast of students who attend Liverpool Community College Arts centre. If anyone thinks this might mean it could have been amateurish and flakey…you couldn’t be more wrong.

The Truth tells the story through the eyes and words of the families that lost their loved ones. The script was written by students after tons of research was done, trawling through archive interviews with families and then their own personal recent interviews with the families. It’s based on actual events during and following the disaster along with personal family memories prior to the day and since.  The families mentioned by name in the play were spoken to and gave their blessings for it to proceed and it was poignant to see some of those family members in the audience.

A relatively small cast were tasked with playing various multiple roles (form Police officers, to mothers, from Politicians to brothers and sisters of the deceased) interspersed with some very funny, much needed scally banter from some young lads who set off to Hillsborough on the day as a gang of four but returned as a gang of three.

The play weaves in and out of various families recalling the day….or their memories of childhood incidents and also focuses on the effects it had on those families ever since.(some of which are extremely harrowing).

I have to say that it was incredibly powerful stuff watching these young actors playing the roles of the likes of Anne Williams, Trevor and Jenny Hicks etc and hearing and seeing how Hillsborough tore their lives apart.
I’m not ashamed to say I was reduced to tears on so many occasions that lost count. The audience were spellbound throughout. The only sound you could hear were the stifled sniffles of those trying not to sob too loudly and the occasional gasp as a brutal point was rammed home in true scouse style.

I guess it shouldn’t have been surprising to see the different ways each family reacted and remembered…but to see it brought to life in such a brilliant and stark performance left me breathless and heartbroken. A side story revolving around the mother of a Nottingham Forest supporter r recalling how her son was affected by what he saw that day had the women either side of me reduced to crumpled messes.

The Truth was dark, incredibly sad, thought provoking and at times funny. I sat there wishing that every prick who has ever said the words “those scousers should just get over it”, or “why don’t they just move on” was there to witness this play as I would defy anyone to think that after seeing this play.
The performances were electric. Every role played to perfection, every character tugging you one way or another.

I also sat there thinking of the hundreds of people I know who would have loved to have seen this but never got the opportunity as Unfortunately the play only ran for two nights (and was sold out instantly).

Maybe with some interest we can force a proper run, or get it shown at other theatres? 

The Truth affected me.
Poignant, harrowing and moving but none the less, uplifting.

There’s also a great musical soundtrack helping the performances along the way featuring songs by The Beatles, The Cure, Paul McCartney, Echo and The Bunnymen, John Lennon ( All I want is THE TRUTH) ..oh and Agga Do by Black Lace, haha.

I hope that many more people get to see what I witnessed last night, it was an incredible performance and one that deserves to be seen by many more people. 
Watch this space.


  1. Is this play still running? If so where can i get tickets please. Chris Reilly

    1. Finished now Chris, but we're looking at trying to get it on somewhere else, we will let you know as soon as we hear mate, Phil

    2. Looking forward to see this in the future. Keep me updated Phil thanks

  2. Will do Frank, theres a few possible venues very interested

  3. Due to enormous demand, The Arts centre are putting on another 2 day run of this moving and poignant play at Liverpool Community College Arts Centre on Tuesday 8th and Wed 9th July starting at 7pm.

    Attendance is quite limited so you will have to book tickets in advance.

    To book tickets or just make enquirers call Eddie Quinn on 0151 252 4344 or the drama dept 0151 252 4312.