Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas 2014 (mini) Ins & Outs . Happy Chrstmas droogies!


Ironical mentors

Still not being able to build a joint

bevvieing solo

Giving tourist wrong information

Still bunking the bus

Dreaming in the chippie

Knowing fuck all about Phones

Boring the arse off yourself

Waving to geese

Clocking lead on random roofs

Living in the Pasty

Swimming in coffee

Being Toothless (as in having no teeth)

Ravishing yer bird

Following pop stars into the bogs (they love it).

Faking an organism

Having a ginger, tory, man utd supporting friend.

Saying, “I say, I say, I say”

Flicking yer bream

Lumberjack Shits

Crawfish flavoured socks

Violently assaulting your sink with a bottle of hai karate aftershave.        Discussing the molecular formula of sputnik when stoned

Elmer fudd type headwear.

Saying "its to cold to snow".

Having a villainous  chin.

walking like James Cagney.

Bohemian blow jobs.

brad Jones doing his best Kes impression against Man united.

Developing a psychosexual relationship with Offal.

Transient pricks.

looking for Flemings jeans online.

Eyebrow licking

Pigs in blankets

Wrapping hot bacon around you cock

Snideing off to meet yer real mates when you on the works night out


Talking fondly about borstal

Planning tatoos

Having loads of facebook buddies

Agreeing with hard cases

Ordering obscure drinks

Being indifferent

Painting paint

Playing conkers with sprouts

Knocking at mine when I’m having my Christmas lunch…look just fuck off will yer!

Cum bubbles

Christmas eve kick offs

Asking for Bubble

Holiday homes in Skem

Still being a Scall in yer 50’s

Randomly being in Sunderland and waiting to order at the bar when a firm of Man City scalls piley in.

Being the narky parent

Being toothless (metaphorically)

Cool MP’s.


Banjo string related japes

Not getting the deliberate spelling mistakes

Jayda Fransens 

Disproportionate forehead.

Hideous Xmas jumpers.

Joe Andersons plenteous chins.

Smokie MOs ghastly clientele

Sustainable cocaine hard ons.

Saying "you got no farns ".

Bob Geldof's turgescent eyes

James fuckin Corden

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