Saturday, 11 April 2015

Potter';s Poems. Facebook Hooligan and more

This one’s called Austerity a sterling word..


Austerity? A puzzling thing

I often think as I run down the wing.

My agent he’ll sort it I’m only a boy

Cheer up dear fans for soul see destroy.

Bruised ego or toe nail can’t decide which hurts more.

Mr fix it were are you who’s that's by the door?

Someone called picket with placards and tears,

NHS workers, no rise in three years.

The beautiful games what i love and adore

Obscene wages, oh don't be a bore,

I know fans inside out know what makes them tick,

Pass me that bag think am gonna be sick.



Number 2 untitled.


I wondered lonely as a cloud

That floats o’er dales and hill and all at once I saw a crowd

....must be those aldi mushrooms !



number 3 Facebook hooligan.


I could be a cockney geordie or scouse

I don’t really leave the house

Peep through the curtains, likes coq au vin.

I am the facebook hooligan.


Used to stand at the back, what time is lunch

Never actually threw a punch.

Wave my arms, catch me if u can

I am the facebook hooligan.


Squeeze me Taylor made on heads getting’ fatter,

Like an obese pug but it doesn’t matter.

Here’s the meals-on-wheels, ending in van,

I am the facebook hooligan.

Talk of old school, Custer’s last stand

Enemy numbers getting on for a grand.

Against 50 top dressers is Gok Wan top man?

E-mail please, facebook hooligan.


Selfies? Breathe in chaps! More pictures of cans cooling in fridges all over the land.

Let battle commence mouse keyboard in hand.

An epic tussle already began,

Step forward Walter Mitty, facebook hooligan.


My Zorro mask is my little P.C

Used to dress up in blag S.Tachini

Tog the kids up in replica shirts

Meet like-minded fatties, Florida like me all top blerts.

Sorry top boys we call ourselves Mummy where’s my fake tan

Another cyber space kick-off, facebook hooligan.

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