Friday, 19 February 2010

Shellsuit CD review

Shellsuit- Black and tan.

Shellsuit are; Ed Doherty, Lee Scanlon and Nathen McGahern

Shellsuit hail from Liverpool, and like the other current contenders, The Maybes, they are loud and proud of their roots.

Their Current Single Black and Tan c/w The radio sings is available from all the usual down load sites as well as through

They get compared lyrically to The Specials in their blog, angry and social aware. But the sound is as far removed as you could imagine. The Radio sings in particular sound more like CSYN than Terry Hall and co. No bad thing, depending what mood you’re in. It’s quite exquisite.
Black and Tan takes me right back to the nineties socially aware nearly band, The Hoovers. Very similar in sound and content. Great vocals, great harmonies and great story telling . the song contains the poignant line, “My grandad said that people like us don’t go to university”.
and with song like “Iraqui’s in Shellsuits” (Which you can currently listen to on their myspace page) I can’t wait to hear their forthcoming album, “Walton Prison Blues” The Album is due to be released in January on Higuera records.

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Iraquis in Shellsuits is also now only the second song to be added to The End’s Myspace profile playlist along side the mighty Police and Theives by Junior Murvin.
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