Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tales from The Lids, New Fanzine

New Liverpool Fanzine to look out for. "Tales from The Lids"

"The Lids are proud to announce the publication of the first (or, to be a total smart arse:'inaugural') issue of TALES FROM THE LIDS: Merseyside Culture, Music, Footy, The Return of Eric's, friggin big rants at everything from pitch-invading cats, dickhead workmates, Boris 'balloonhead' Johnson and knobheads on buses and trains...As well as League Cup Final Preview, Lee da Lid on Billy Butler/ Miller show reviews, Going the match vs watching it in the alehouse, the top ten lies women tell to men, the worst jobs in the world, shithouse bully's, and some weird phenomena stories thrown in for good in other words, a mad combo of The End, Boss, Through The Wind & Rain, and the Fortean Times...Should be out in next few days...Available from HJC shop opposite Anfield next home game.... GRAB A COPY LIDS & LIDETTES Price: three knicker (with a quid going to HJC, of course!!!) YNWA JF96 x"

see their facebook page here;

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