Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tales from the lids

TALES FROM THE LIDS fanzine, issue 1 (right there you have the collectabilty angle) is out now.
I have to admit I haven't read it all yet and will write a review when I get round to it (watching the blue shite on the tele tonight as I type this..good luck fellers..I'd love a semi final derby meself). It's £3 a pop and available in HMV, Liverpool and News From Nowhere. You can buy it via post by sending a cheque or postal order for £3 plus P&P to postal address is;- "TFTL's. flat 4, 23, sandon St toxteth, Liverpool L8 7NS"- don't know what the P&P is though The fanzine is around 40 pages in length, but seems absolutey crammed to the hilt...the word count must be in the 10.000's! At a glance I can see articles about the re birth of Eric's, 7 a side footy, "going the match vs watching it in the alehouse", The Lids guide to getting sacked, the curse of the total tit of a work colleague, murderball & the resident school bully and tons more..with a few nods to The END, including the LIDS own version of our ins & outs.....they have their Outs & favorite being, having a sly drunkin shite in the woods...
anyways, fuck my proposed review! who the fuck am I to tell you whether you might like this or a wise auld sage..and onion faced froup of wise arse's once said, "Buy it yer mingebag" and make yer own mind up. Good luck feller's

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