Saturday, 18 August 2012





Hibbo’s Goal

The neighbours….gotta love em….


Trannies from Talacre

Tea Street band

Thick as Thieves

Tangerine trainees



The Road End


Tramps with better clobber than you

Taking thing with a pinch of pepper

Talking out of your cooler than cool arse

Tasering john Terry

Tantalising Tasha Jonas

Toxteth Teds



Touting your tastes

Ten bob head

Testosterone fuelled twats

Ten ton testicles

Tickling tonsils with yer tackle

Twenty to ten on Tuesday

The The

Tripping on Toad goo

Thor’s teeth

Treating Trot Rot

Tweaking tarantulas

Tentative Tony

Tasting termite piss

Tapping yer temple

Trotting trotters

Toying skin Tags


Tattoed Taoists

Trying to terminate tiny ticks

Thick twats

Bad, gramer!?

Crap speling



Obsessive compulsive alliteration

St. johns market


Coach from cheers

Tattoo’s when you’re 50 or over

Corned lamb

Slow cooked elbow

Clobber that identifies you as a rogue

Stone island nazi’s…enough!

People who got dead pompous about the Olympics opening / closing ceremonies ….get over it “cool kids” it wasn’t a gig….it was a ceremony going out to armchair sports fans world wide..seriously what did you expect? Shack? The farm? The Tea street band? The La’s?  Big in japan? The sums? Or maybe the velvet underground or the wedding present or orange juice or even the Stone Roses? nah, get real.  I wouldn’t (and didn’t) mind the amusing piss taking stuff…..but this pompous “HEY this doesn’t represent ME!” attitude really got on my fucking tits. Of course the Olympic committee  will go for current popular acts like one direction and tiny tempeh, with a mix of acts that have gone global like The Who, the Beatles and Queen and a smattering of brit bands who have crossed the divide on a lesser scale like blur, madness, arctic monkeys, Elbow and muse.  Like most people on our various facebook pages I hate annie lennox and George Michael, Jessie j  etc and I laughed at macca’s and liam’s vocals…but I say again..what the fuck where you expecting from a UK Olympic ceremony??...and whats with the slagging of the remaining members of The Who for doing My Generation?? I don’t remember this vitriol after they did it at “live aid” or any of the hundreds of other gigs they’ve done over the last twenty years??...are you seriously saying those two fellers haven’t earned the right to continue to play their most popular song because they are now old and the lyrics are subsequently contradictory?...........if so why is it ok for the hundreds of current acts who have reformed in various forms in the last decade? ,like the pistols or one member of the clash…does johnny still want anarchy?, or is mick jones at 50 + still right to sing complete control or whatever? Or bob Dylan to sing hobo blues or times they are a changin’? Iggy Pop to sing Lust for life now he’s a 100 year old health freak?........from my own perspective, Jimmy Cliff performing many rivers to cross at the Phil’ was one of the most moving 5 minutes I’ve witnessed in years (in 2012) he crossing rivers in poverty stricken Jamaica this Saturday night?) Its just the same. So why are “The Who” villains all of a sudden?  Not only have they have earned the right, but it’s what their fans want to hear. …(and by the way, I love Mick Jones et al and what they are doing now)      

The Ceremony could be for the most part deemed ridiculous theatre mixed with some popular united kingdom music. If you were watching to see relevant and archaic musical talent , or music that affected you when YOU were relevant then tough shit.

Ultimately, unless you’re only watching and listening to new, young, upcoming, relevant musicians please get off yer high horse (and stop watching Olympic ceromonies). We all have different tastes. Stop thinking yours should have been represented at an Olympic ceremony. God help yers if I would have had the chance to force my blinkered personal tastes down the throats of a world wide audience!….oh, and as for the deliberate dissecting of Lennon’s Imagine, (not me favourite Lennon song by a long chalk) being criticised for singing “Imagine theres no countries” etc  to a background of hundreds of countries flags and ensignia ….give me strength!? The lyrics of that song are fantastical not fantastic and certainly not literal. (how could there be “no countries”)?? The message of the song is clearly dreaming about worldwide unity and peace, love and understanding..(whats so funny about that?) .By all means have your opinion, but stop being so patronising and self righteous about it. If you were that relevant you would have got the job over Mr Boyle and we’d all be slagging you off now for not satisfying all of the 26 million or so that tuned in to watch. Get over yourselves people.

Normal ins & outs service will be resumed in few weeks

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