Wednesday, 12 September 2012

September 12th 2012 - The Hillsborough report

September 12 -2012

The Release of the Hillsborough Documents and the British Governments apology.

I’m really not eloquent enough to express the feelings I have gone through today….hearing the UK Prime minister admit the lies and cover ups that have haunted the families and friends of the people that died on that fateful day and the vindication of all the campaigns and pleas that have gone on in this city ever since….I can’t express the shame and disgust I feel about those responsible for those vile vile lies, cover ups and attempted smear campaigns.

To hear that 41 lives could have been saved but for the incredible stupidity, unprofessionalism of services that we are supposed to be able to trust in and be proud of is breathtakingly abhorrent. The Illegal tampering of evidence by the very people who are supposed to protect this country form all things illegal…is just incomprehensible. It’s not as if we didn’t know this happened. We have known ever since that day, but we’ve had to put up with politicians, news organisations and thousands of ill informed twats, mockingly labelling us as a city of whinging bastards who need to move on …”self pity city” they cried.


Well now we have finally heard the truth. And the truth has revealed what we have been saying for the last 23 years and all those campaigns and pleas for justice have been vindicated.


However…its impossible to be relieved or pleased. Personally, I am full of anger and contempt……. and grief and despair for the families….ALL of whom should and could have been spared if the game had just  never been played at a ground that was not fit to stage it after it was revealed, “The report found that Sheffield Wednesday's ground "failed to meet minimum standards under the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975".


Justice has not been done. The truth has been revealed, the fight for justice goes on.










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