Friday, 1 March 2013

Potters Tales 862- Anti Fashionable Fashion

The mid to late 70,s was a time of flux .A muzzie didnt instantly signal a career in the penal or security industry. No, muzzie fevour swept across the pennines to infect even the more conservative parts of Mersyside... y,know Formby, Caldy, Garston etc. Worn with pride  muzzies went hand in glove with the classic slim line jumper loathed and loved with equal passion, step forward and take a bow The 3 star jumper.Ah, I remember it so well! Brown, (a sort of chocolate brown) tapered  at the waist normally atop a huge pair of birmo's (that friends is another story for another day ).Three yellow stars shining radiantly covering the whole of the chest a cool collar flapping in the wind, yellow piping running around the rims 
It even featured in a song!..the lost in time dittie sung to me by Phil Jones over a candle lit dinner. "Theres a Wolly over there. OVER THERE! and he,s wearing brown air-wear, BROWN AIR-WEAR .. with a three star jumper half way up his back,  ,he,s a fuckin Wolly back, WOOLLY BACK". As the "lyrics" suggest, the county of Yorkshire was a hot bed of the 3-star much lampooned by us Mersey snobs, although i'm sure many an older brother or tubby uncle wore his with pride.Tubbies and protruding stomachs again, if i may refer back to the line about the jumper being half way up his back.. this is a sublime comment on the general poor quality of the garment, tubbies weren,t as a rule arsed if lard was hanging out (I blame ignorant dinner ladies dishing out too much of the wrong grub) Did you, dear readers, know anyone who had a 3- star jumper? or better still the elusive brown air-wear? (which it has to be said even your most die hard Wool quickly tired of). I saw a 3-star on e-bay starting off at 2 ton! Jeepers!  Apparently they're the must have wool wear with the ultras from the Russian Federation. A chap I know having just returned from Leningrad /St. Petersburg told me of a young ruskie who was "very much liking the jumper with the three stars " and did he have one to sell? I predict a 3-star revival by next xmas.. Gaylon jumpers (what the fuck are they Mick?  End Ed) could be in with a shout too. Now everyone remembers Planet of the Apes Sunday night.....don,t they ? NEXT ISSUE LOIS JEANS, just why did they split all the time ?

Mick Potter

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