Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The End Book - Don't get ripped off theres still a limited amount left

The End Fanzine Book, released last November is now almost completely sold out and there will be no re run.

However, its been pointed out to me that there have been copies being sold on ebay from anywhere between £45 to £85 ..and when I last looked on Amazon there was a copy going for £65. ?
Therefore I think we need to point out that there are currently still some copies left at for the cover price of £20. ..there's a limited number still available in Liverpool's "Waterstones" (some of which are signed by Myself, Peter Hooton and Mick Potter)
and Sabotage times have approximately 100 left via the following link

So don't get ripped off. If you want the book you can still get it for the cover price.........for the moment.

Happy shopping

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also visit Sabotage times here for an archive of END Fanzine articles

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