Friday, 20 September 2013

Thomas McConnell- “John”


Some time ago I wrote a little review on the here website, advising anyone who’d listen about the Beatle inspired virtues of one Thomas McConnell.


Since then Thomas has been a busy feller. Recording more songs, performing with the likes of Ian McNabb, and having a cover version of a Paul Mcartney song tweeted by Sir Macca himself!  So when Thomas highlighted a new song on his facebook page called “John”, your humble narrator made the foolish mistake of assuming  this was a song lamenting the passing away of John Winston Lennon.

I mentioned to Thomas that I thought he needed to start imposing more of his own story into his songs and maybe back off from the Beatle covers and tributes and was shocked to hear that I had gotten this one completely wrong. “John”, it turns out is actually Thomas’ most personal song to date! He explained the sensitive nature of the origins of the songs meaning (not something he is ready to have splashed all over a crappy blog page like this) . Suffice to say, I got it wrong. (though Thomas admitted the lyrics could well be applied to Lennon should a listener choose to do so).

Give the song a listen and judge it on its own merit. I’d also highly recommend you visit his page check out a prolific set of tunes from this emerging young talent.
Thomas is touring the UK soon, see poster for details




The Sugarmen

Talking of Emerging young talent from Liverpool, “The Sugarmen” are starting to make waves in the recently flourishing locall scene.

Hailing from Liverpool (well apart from one stray cockney), they been mainly playing as support acts, their energetic songs and shows has seen them gathering more and more of their own followers with each passing show. They are playing on Alan McGee’s next 359 night   

( ) on October 4th “District” (Jordan Street) along with Gun Club Cemetery, Keziah, Matadors and Xylaroo, well worth heading down there for this..

 you can listen to a couple of their tunes here if you can’t wait until the show

Enjoy and Support.



In other news TOPFLIGHT MFS have a new radio show on air at


The Scouse / yank duo regail us with tales about “The Mabby” (Mab lane youth club) , American Grafitti, white men in tea cosy’s amongst their usual witty banter and you can hear songs by Daft Punk, Willlie Nelson (with Snoop Dog), errrr Ace (?), Donald Fagan , and an even bigger “errrrrrrrrr” for Phil Collins (HEY, I don’t pick the songs!, PC  ranks up there  with my most hated artists of all time)  The James Hunter Six, Junior Brown, and Tim Timebomb (Proper old school ska by Rancid frontman, Tim Armstrong, best tune of the night by a country mile) …fucking hell, you can’t accuse this radio show of being boring or predictable…ska, AOR, 80’s uk shite, some current stuff , a bit of Bob  Marley, a bit of rockabilly and some Amy Whinehouse!

Just have a listen yerselves yer miserable fuckers!

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