Saturday, 14 June 2014

Ins & Outs June 2014



Nerys Hughes nightmares

Putting cress seeds in the padding of yer ma’s bra’s

Squirrel shit

The Return of Harry Hurs

Shagging yoghurt

Naming your dog Feltcher

Knee Beards

Asking for it

Wearing peppered mackerel

Silkies on yer wrists

Farting in the cereal box before you go to work

Suzie Quatro on a hot day

Aspiring to be slothful

Feeling Honey

Being a whopper

wankers wearing a boards

Risking your life with every gulp of Bubble Tea

Sitting on a roof for a photo

Not brushing your hair and calling it "unkempt"

The colour yeller

Young nana

People watching TV of people watching more TV

Pop up restaurants

Pop ups telling me I have horny girls in my area

People "grabbing" coffees

Little Dinks (lobbing the goalie)

Brazilian Bellends

Asking for a gam

Brazilian Breasts

Finding yourself in custard

Brazilian Bra’s

Watching the defectives

Tobagon Testicles

Croatian (ass) Crack

Pissing on your (“forgetful”) Nans mattress while she cooks the Roast

Neil Young’s mum

Flagrant flippancy

Columbia’s goal celebration

Unfeasibly long sac’s

World cup shaped wine bottles

Farting on a ladybird

Costa Rica

World cup willy



Brazilian Brazilians

Comparing testicle length

Adrian chiles

Finding a cock

Fernando’s Fanny

The neighbour’s kids going “whoop whoop” to the big brother theme music when you’re watching Holland v Spain

Feeling for stubble on yer tongue


Buying stuff

Spanish semen

French ‘Flaps

Making do

Road To Rio (shite TV show)

Amusing videos

Craving a meatball

Turkish Tits

Still playing golf

Buying an ant

Flicking a bean on a subbuteo  table

Wrapping ones cock with Parma ham

Soaking your hands in vinegar to give you super hard knuckles

Deep fried knickers

Not having a dodgy past

Getting fingered behind the Mecca Bingo



Lucky Bags with the turtle on

Going the shop with £1 and coming back with the world and a 10p mix

The 79C CMT

Cheryl Coles Arse

Lily Allens luck

The vanishing free kick 10 yard spray

World cup condoms

Casuals united

Wigsey from the Rochdale mob

Diego Costa


80’s clubs

80’s women

80’s men

8” cocks

Having 8 cocks




The ins and outs this month had a few …only a very few, contributions  from up and coming Liverpool comedienne Elizabeth Scott, you can read and see her rants here

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