Friday, 18 September 2015

Potter's Poems! Mick Potter is back.

The Dingle Liverpool 8 wine and cheese festival now in its 10th year got off to a lively start when a young chap entered the stage  (uninvited it has to be said) during a poetry recital. The fact  that he was on a scrambler bike at the time pursued by Mersey polis added to the sense of drama.....”Just like last year”, one local remarked,.

The poem in question by mutual consent is kindly offered up for End readers  to digest ....entitled;

 Max Spielman where are you now”?..(author anon).

I’ve been skint /stoned  on Everest, fought giant bats up a belfry

Or was it the hallucinogenic drugs mother Mary help me

But I’ve never ever felt so low that I had to take a selfie


I’ve wore flares, let off flares, hitchhiked down to Chelsea

Swear down dead lad, lad lad lad I’ve never took a selfie.,

This techno marvel "get me in ,one more, that’s a belter 

Cyber world miley seconds my Warhol hall of fame

My nose looks big  i blinked I think please do it again  again !

I’ve battled wid mancs, Took on chieftan tanks
Asked many a shrink to help me,
just like me ol mate, that bat, stuck up a belfry
I’ve never took a fuckin selfie.

29 photos later  the faces get fatter

Banal fookin’ chatter, But it doesn’t matter

We’re by the Adelphi, Somebody help me 

Pray for my soul, I’ve just took a selfie

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