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Western Promise- HERE COMES A REVOLUTION. album review. Brilliant... go buy it yer mingebag!

Western Promise- Here Comes A Revolution

At long last Western promise have …errr, fulfilled their promise and released the album that’s been scratching, banging scraping and screaming deep down in their soul…a soul soaked deep in punk rock, ska and working class Merseyside virtues.  These boys have been knocking around for a few decades and seem to escape recognition from snobby scouse muso’s who only seem to value the arty or the melodious 60’s based Liverpool bands. All of whom are perfectly great, but there is more to Liverpool bands than that..and there’s a time and place to recognise that true rock n roll bands graft and fight and rant and rage. Yes, there is still a place in this world for good old fashioned punk ethics.  Best of all they can knock out a fucking great tune too.

Here Comes a Revolution showcases Western Promises full repertoire ........ 16 songs to lift yer heart and rattle yer bones.

I was delighted to find a range of songs and styles to debunk any myth that Western promise are a one trick Pony riding on the coat tails of The Clash.

I’ve said before that these boys wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not scared to ram their influences down our throats with great glee. Their love of The Clash shines throughout, from the album artwork through to the final track where we are treated to a wonderful cover of Straight to Hell (featuring Mick Jones…yeah, MICK fuckin JONES! , Carl Hunter from the Farm, Chelcee Grimes and Gary Christian) the boys pay homage to their heroes. 

However it must be made clear that there is so much more to Western Promise than punk, reggae and Ska and thankfully this album showcases what they are all about.

For your dollar you get the raw Punky Ska of classics like Wake up Call and the brilliant,Strummeresque Bullet Proof as well as the reggae infused Blood running (“only cowards and scum carry knives and guns”) and album title track Here comes a revolution (including a superb dub version)..Chelcee Grimes superb backing vocals adding a new authentic element to the track but we are also treated to another side of Western Promise…Epic tracks like Setting Sun, Living The High Life, the beautiful lament that is Sad Old England, (“Sad old England, down on her knee’s. Will the last soul leaving turn the lights out please”) feature acoustic guitar, and piano behind moving lyrics about the sorry state of our nation and showcase the underrated John McGlone’s vocal and song writing talents (and the bands musical ranges). It’s astonishing to hear really.... His range goes from pure Strummer to a softer ((but equally powerful) range on the above tracks..dare I say it the vocal on the sweeping, legendary Charlie Wright reminds me of Holly Johnston! (and that’s not meant as an insult!) He even does a bit of Ranking Roger style toasting on Bullet Proof . As the album goes through it’s various styles, we also are treated to some Merseyside style hip hop on Click Click and then there is the Powerful spoken-word rant against society that is Are you not Entertained…another rallying cry for the nation to rise up against the Government and the Illuminati.

My favourite track is probably the simplest track in terms of musical complexity, it’s a tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis, and is like a 3 minute classic called Send for The Killer…..kind of rock n roll / crossed with ska! Once again Chelcee Grimes’ backing vocals add enormously to the track especially as the song closes to a crashing crescendo of a finale. I’m convinced this would be an instant hit in the Rancid inspired current Punk / Ska scene in America and hope music lovers in the UK finally take note.

This is a perfect album for End Fanzine readers of an age who were inspired by The Clash, The Specials and The Jam rather those younger folks who were inspired by the Stone Roses, Shack and The La’s…(but even those music lovers should give this album a listen. Honestly, its fucking ace).

I truly hope Western Promise finally get the recognition they deserve as a result of this album release… Here comes a Revolution is the perfect xmas gift for yourself or yer mates.. go and buy it yer mingebags..this is easily my favourite album of 2015.

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