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Potters tales Pt. 279. Suggs' One man show

Potters Tales – Sugg’s One man show

So there I was in Newtown….. no I haven’t gone back in time to a fictitious northern town, where gruff Lancastrian scuffers and a softly spoken Irishmen cross swords with the local hoods with alleged connections to the Merseyside area ?..No, Newtown mid Wales, home to a boozer / cum hotel called the Elephant and Castle, a nightclub named Crystals, and the splendid theatre Hafren. My task, to see Suggs Mc Pherson (him of 80,s an onwards radical pop combo Madness) perform his one man show.

I half expected /hoped to see a shifty del boy type polishing glasses in the ol’ elephant and castle with his missus playing the ol’ Joanna,  tales of the Richardson’s, looking after their own, jellied eels, naww, just some very polite aussie girl dishing out local fare.

The pub came alive during a televised Man U Spurs one half supporting the team playing Man U (Time to polish me monocle and get up to that there theatre) Now I’m not a regular theatre goer but when I spied the polo mints  on the punter side of the counter, I knew I was with trusting folk, or was it a cunning plan to see if......
Anyway the lights dimmed, let the show begin! Suggs appeared, dapper as ever, accompanied by Deano an ivory tinkering,  guitar strumming Yiddo (*more about him later). Its true to say Potter and McPherson have shared the odd dram over the years but did he put me on the guest list? Did he fuck! So, enough of this name dropping bollocks, let the hatchet Job begin. What followed was, at times, a moving account (or did I have something in my eye) of his life, delivered in some style. (Tommy Cooper meets Dave Allen and its not over yet). If Suggs ever does decide to hang up his pork pie hat, a stand up jaunt would be worth a blast. At the very least this one man deserves a good run, and is truly worthy of your attention.

* Deano reminded me of  legendary scouse roadie “Davo”, the type of dude who can make a snare drum ready for studio use from a couple of ash trays a packet of rizlas and some very pliable gaffa tape.

The after show lig, if you can call it that, didn’t get off too famously. Suggs informed me he could’nt show for a drink cos at that present time he was standing in his bills,......time to meet the locals. One young punter whose baptism of Madness occurred at Cardiff when he was a wee boy, (a gig I incidentally attended as page boy to scouse pranksters The Farm who supported), froze in time as McPhearson, trousered up and made his understated entrance. .

A POINT OF INFORMATION, regarding the aforementioned gig; I / WE (my loyal roommate and I ) did not steal LEE THOMPSONS (sax player extraordinaire) Mersey-style bubble jacket! So he really didn’t have to kick our room door in looking for it! Why was I on the roof when the raid happened ??........Too many questions which need the mind of a good brief before they can legally be crossed..

Anyway,  so me, the missus, Suggs,  Deano and co-writer, Toby made our way back to a creepy hotel…. which was only lacking  a ghostly figure shouting “go baaaaaaaack”!  as Scooby hid under a sleeping bag and shaggys teeth chattered, ....... (keep up plebs).

Deano (who had 50 snots on his team to beat Man U 3-1, Hence the non anti sematic remark. Earlier, at odds of 50-1,… the final score being 3-2), was in full swing with ghostly tales fueled by drink and the odd Hamlet cigar, (apt I thought). I Responded with the escapades of  spring heeled jack,who they say ran along the rooftops of Great Homer  Street Liverpool. The candles flickered in the earthy chill. The night ended to soon after. And, o.k,  I admit I slept with the light on!......,those ghosts can walk through walls yer know.
 "Oi oi Potter old bean! great to see ya, but are you fuck getting in on the guest list!
Now hang on while i get me kecks on"

You can still buy The END BOOK and see more of Mick Potters brilliant musings, some  lns & Outs, mad letters, good poems, shite poems ..and fuckin millions of spelling mistakes and bad grammar, as the book reviewers (poncy southern, ex student types) keep pointing out.

There’s a limited amount of signed copies in Waterstones on Bold Street and in the Liverpool 1 as well as a few remaining copies in the Ormskirk Waterstones store... and of course you can still get it on line here.

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