Friday, 19 October 2012

Topflight Mfs- Radio show 121

Topflight FMS Show 121


My favourite internet radio show has a new show up and running.
Where else would you hear  an abomination like gangham style in amongst stuff like Prince fatty and Mungo jerry?

A summary of the show;
My Dick
New Madonna girl???? Lady gaga SMACK “they’ve been having a toot”
I didn’t know ringo was in a band before the Beatles
Who is not a shit house….what a minge..big nosed bastard
Bang up for that
Your putting sheckle in some tight arses pocket
Phils gonna kill me
Tales of Williamson square shop lifters
Canny farm/Stockbridge village
Rory storm-master tape mystery
Then we have a weird interlude where me daughter was in stitches when Erik played  “Start wearing purple” by “Go Go Bordello” and starts telling Andy how he found this song on his I tunes….and I’m talking back to the show, going “yeah cos I sent it to you two years ago”..then as Andy starts getting into it…and you can feel Erik beaming with pride talking about this song by Gypsy Punk..which is and I’m going, “Erik! That’s the name of the album ..not the band! I sent you it!!” and Erik is like, “yeah…I just found it on my itunes..i have no idea where it came from, Gypsey punk hey”
Pink floyyd mash up.
We never play pink floyd on the show
Tuebrook uncovered
Canny farm
Shaving me pubes
I’m moist listening to it
Tea cosy reggae
Duck eggs
(Phils) Popping a trip now
Roxy music mash up
Doseki Beer
Norris Green uncovered
If you’re a neck end don’t bother
Gangham style reprised……………oh nooooo
Phil’s skinning up…he’s got 5 skins together and has got the roach in
Then we get rockabilly stuff from Johnny and the hurricanes
The Police
It finishes off with relatively obsure uk indie(nearly made it on the back of Orange juice and Aztec camera) The Railway Children……and then we get The CLASH , WHITE RIOT………what a hoot! won’t like it all..but I bet you like the show…….
phils seven skinner moment

There’s bit of everything , it won’t always be to your taste…but believe me..this stuff is a lot more listenable and adventurous than this,stuck in the mud, old fucker would  ever play……however…I’ll happily say that no show I may be involved in would feature gangham style  / nikki MINGE….even with black betty mashed in…Erik…I am coming  to sort your head out feller!

Have a listen to the show here;-


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