Saturday, 13 October 2012

you can retire....but you can't hide

You can retire.....but you can't hide. 

The truth will out. Justice will be ours. Justice For the 96 is coming.  The Families of those lost, along with the official campaign groups like the HJC have shown such dedication in the face of scorn from people who didn’t know better and downright lies and cover ups from the people who did know what went on and decided to use their political nous and media cronies to try to blame the innocent fans who were actually heroes trying to save lives, while the people, we entrusted to serve and protect, looked on or even hindered those who could have saved lives. This city, (that I sometimes despair of) stood together for over 23 years and just would not shut up or be told to shut up.

The events  in the last month, and the revelations this week that there is “clear evidence of potential misconduct and criminality” by the police shows, at last, that we are not a city of whingers. We will not be shat on, we will not be lie down and accept the disgraceful accusations levelled at us over the last 23 years.

We will fucking fight till we win if we know we are right….get in our way and we’ll fuckin destroy you. Billy Braggs superb song,  (the scousers) Never buy the S*n, sums it up brilliantly.

I hope now that the guilty are punished and pray that no poor scapegoats take all the shit for those that instigated the cover up.

Never give in, never give up.  Justice…… Nothing less, will shut us up.

For all our sins and all our faults….there is no city like this in England when it comes to standing up for its rights.

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  1. injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.........martin luther king jr.
    says it all really